“For the Lord gives wisdom. . .” Proverbs 2:6a

Academics are the cornerstone of everything we do at Faith Christian. We firmly believe that we are partnering with families to training their children in God’s word and in understanding the wonders of God’s world. All of our curriculum is Biblically-integrated.

Our pre-kindergarten program utilizes Abeka curriculum, a phonics-based program, to introduce letter and number recognition.  Our K4 program integrates sight words and a beginning reading program. Music and art within the classroom are part of our weekly routine. All students in our pre-kindergarten program also have daily Bible classes. Beginning pre-K students should be potty trained and 3 years old by Aug. 31.

Our elementary program in grades K-5 focuses on the foundations of education. Students receive continued training in reading comprehension, math, science, history, penmanship, spelling, language arts and Bible. Students in our elementary program have daily physical education classes and explore art and music in the classroom.

Our middle grades program develops the curiosity of the preteen student. Students are challenged to go beyond fact memorization and to apply what they know. Students enroll in core classes in language arts, mathematics, science, Bible, and social studies. Daily physical education classes are part of the middle school schedule. Students select an elective which allow them to pursue an area of interest. Honors English and accelerated math classes are available. Electives include art, band, computer applications, drama, study skills, and yearbook. Electives may vary from semester to semester.

Our high school program is college-preparatory. Students continue to take core subjects as well as electives. We have a solid Latin program which contributes to the classical learning of our students. Please see our graduation requirements for our high school students.